When was the last time you checked email on your smartphone, updated your blog, edited a video clip, or made a quick update to a presentation slide on the go?

I know. It seems almost impossible to think of a typical workday without these activities and tech affordances.

Technology has evolved at an exponential pace. Mass adoption of mobile technology has had significant effects on how businesses communicate, changing the way we deal with consumers and stakeholders.

Business strategies have now evolved immensely and the COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing a new era of change for businesses as well. …

Zoom video conferencing has taken the world by storm. It has in one of the most competitive markets been able to break into it and rise above it.

In less than a year after Apple launched their facetime App, less than one month before Microsoft announced that they are willing to pay $8.5 billion for Skype, it has been growing consistently over that last decade specifically during the pandemic and the need for social distancing in 2020 - where people have to stay away from each other, but still need to communicate. …

Gbemisola Isaacs

Artist and Communications Strategist

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